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Colorado Courts Receive National Grant 

for Eviction Diversion Pilot Program

(Aug. 8, 2023) -- The National Center for State Courts has expanded its Eviction Diversion Initiative (EDI) to 10 additional jurisdictions that will receive a total of more than $2 million to respond to the country’s growing eviction crisis through court-based eviction diversion programs.

Funding for the program was made possible through a $10 million Wells Fargo Foundation grant awarded to the National Center for State

Courts in 2021 to strengthen eviction diversion efforts in state courts and improve housing stability.

Through partnerships with legal, financial, and social service providers in their communities, participating courts establish diversion programs that offer alternative solutions to housing problems and promote housing and financial stability.

The new set of courts to join the Eviction Diversion Initiative include:

  • Colorado: 4th Judicial District Court, Colorado Springs

  • Kansas: Douglas County Court, Lawrence

  • Kentucky: Jefferson County District Court, Louisville

  • Ohio: Akron Municipal Court

  • Oklahoma: Tulsa County District Court

  • Oregon: Clatsop County Circuit Court, Astoria

  • Tennessee: Shelby County General Sessions Court, Memphis

  • Texas: Harris County Precinct 1 & 2, Houston

  • Utah: Third District Court, Salt Lake City

  • Washington: Clark County Superior Court, Vancouver

Over the past year, the Eviction Diversion Initiative has enabled courts in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia to hire dedicated court staff and create holistic, sustainable, and community-driven eviction diversion programs that use the formal court process to connect landlords and tenants with stabilizing resources that can prevent or mitigate the harm of eviction.

Learn more about NCSC’s Eviction Diversion Initiative at

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