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Our committees are each Chaired by a Commissioner and report to the Colorado Access to Justice Commission in service of its stated overall mission and its strategic action plan.

Communications Committee

Press Conference Microphones
Committee Members
Brittany Kauffman, Chair
Kim Gent
Tim Macdonald
Elisa Overall
Diana Poole
John Tull
Shannon Warren
Alexi Freeman

The communications committee develops messaging and disseminates important information about the Commission's work to community allies as well as the broader public. This committee also identifies constituencies whom the Commission should focus on in its communication efforts.

Specifically, this committee works to:

  • Raise public awareness statewide about

    • the resources available to assist individuals access the civil justice system,

    • barriers impeding access to civil justice,

    • efforts being implemented to address barriers, and

    • the widespread benefits of accessible civil justice system.

  • Develop support among key constituencies

  • Produce Reporting for public circulation

  • Facilitate communicate among access to justice communities statewide

  • Support Committees by helping with internal and external communication of their work

Executive Committee

Art director looking at storyboard

The Executive Committee oversees the ​Access to Justice Commission as a whole. Its members approve appointments to the Commission, structural changes to the Commission, are responsible for monthly All-Commissioner meetings, and oversee ATJC staffing.

Examples of this committee's work:

  • Oversee Strategic Planning 

  • Prioritize and execute Strategic Plan

  • Conduct Orientation for new Commissioner 

  • Define expectations for Commissioners and Committees

  • Consider and Approve formation of new committees

  • Conduct statewide listening tours to 

  • Manage ATJC staff

Committee Members
Richard Murray, Chair
Reenie Terjak, Vice-Chair
Kim Gent, Secretary
Justice Melissa Hart
Brittany Kauffman
Executive Committe Anchor

Courts Committee

Committee Members

The courts committee collaborates with the court system with the goal of facilitating would-be litigants' access to civil justice and to help self-represented litigants navigate the courts systems that are appropriate for the issues they seek to resolve. 

Examples of this committee's work:

  • Simplify and standardize court processes, procedures, and policies

  • Develop plain language as the standard for court processes, written materials forms, and multimedia content

  • Respond to continuously changing needs of courts and self-represented litigants

  • Identify and helping resolve language barriers

  • Create electronic processes that are equivalent to in-person services

  • Use technology to provide services and resources in remote areas of Colorado

  • Develop evidence-based testing for projects

Hon. Tim Schutz, Chair
Penny Wagner
Jackie Marro
Jen Cuesta
Justice Melissa Hart
Judge Melina Hernandez
Lois Lupica
Elisa Overall
Sharon Sturges
José Vasquez
Jonathan White

Delivery Committee


Examples of this committee's work:

  • Research & identify gaps within the legal system for self-represented litigants and people with civil legal issues.

  • Secure grant and other funding sources to support legal services
  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to promote increased free and affordable representation for civil litigants

The delivery committee promotes the delivery of legal services from multiple angles. These include Pro Bono Representation, Alternate Providers, Affordable Representation, Local ATJ Committees, and Rural Legal Services.

Committee Members
Dave Stark, Chair
Jon Asher
Kimi DeMent Dean
Katy Donnelly
Aaron Garber
Ed Gassman
Carol Haller
Wesley Hassler
Sandra Hershiser
Erika Holmes
Hon. John Kuenhold (Ret.)
Lauren Lester
Hon. Lino Lipinsky
Jackie Marro
Ric Morgan
Jared McLuskey
Hon. Gale Miller (Ret.)
Toni-Anne Nuñez
James O'Connor
Elisa Overall

Noah Patterson
Ryann Peyton
Carolyn Powell
Troy Rackham
Carlos Romo
Judge Jonathan Shamis
Hon. Dan Taubman
Jennifer Wherry
Local ATJ Support Subcommittee
Hon. Lino Lipinsky
Hon. Dan Taubman
Justice Melissa Hart

Elisa Overall
Jackie Marro
Tim Macdonald
This Subcommittee of the Delivery Committee was designed to support the regionally-led Access to Justice Committees, which generally focus on locally-tailored solutions that promote access to civil justice within their communities. There are local
Access to Justice committees in nearly all Colorado's 22 Judicial Districts. Solutions include monthly classes an clinics, creating and maintaining lists of resource providers for self-represented litigants, and hosting legal events like Legal Resource Week, Family Law Week, and Ask-A-Lawyer Day.
Local ATJ Support Subcommittee

Funding Committee

Coins Stacked

The resource committee secures funding for pro bono legal representation for indigent and modest income Coloradans through programs such as Colorado Legal Services (CLS) and other similar programs and partnerships established by the Delivery Committee. 

Examples of this committee's work:

  • Educate Legislators and stake-holders about the need, effect, and benefits of pro bono legal services, focusing specifically on the:​

    • Joint Budget Committee​

    • Judiciary Committees

    • Judicial Branch Budgeting

  • Lobby for Appropriations​ for legal services

  • Protect or expand existing appropriations for 

  • Formulate plans for long-term permanent funding for CLS

Committee Members

Strategic Action Team


The Strategic Action Team charts course of the Commission's priority initiatives for the foreseeable future and helps ensure the Commission's work aligns with its Strategic Action Plan.

Committee Members
Dick Gast, Chair
Matt Baca
Brittany Kauffman
Tim Macdonald
Dave Stark
Hon. Daniel Taubman
Reenie Terjak
John Tull
Penny Wagner
Sam Walker
Technology Committe Anchor

Technology Committee

Tech Accessories

The Technology Coordinating Committee is charged with assuring coordinated online services, avoiding duplication, and driving technological innovation to expand access to justice.

Committee Members
Jason Lynch, Chair
Hon. Lino Lipinsky
Elisa Overall
Jackie Marro
Ric Morgan
Lois Lupica
Penny Wagner
Dick Gast
John Tull
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