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Towing Bill of Rights

In response to predatory towing practices by private towing companies targeting residential parking, the Colorado Legislature passed HB22-1314, known as the Towing Bill of Rights. Predatory towing practices can have an outsized impact on low-income Coloradans, who can face a series of cascading problems when they lose access to and are illegally denied their right to recover their vehicles. To help make sure Coloradan's know their rights under the Towing Bill of Rights, The Community Economic Defense Project (CEDP) partnered with Professor Lois Lupica and The Law & Innovation Lab at The University of Denver Sturm College of Law to build an online tool to support people whose cars have been towed. The tool will be available to the public soon. To learn more about the tool, CEDP, and the ongoing problem of predatory towing, please look at the links below.

Community Economic Defense Project

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